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Instruments, Stringed Instrument Makers and Musicians

The exhibition of reference is the essence of this Museum and the place to start a dialogue with our visitors.

The exhibition makes collections available to the public. Using a great variety of objects and media with visual and sound language, it creates a journey providing knowledge about stringed instrument making.
The exhibition “Instruments, Stringed Instrument Makers and Musicians” highlights the links between the City of Mirecourt, stringed instrument makers, bow makers, musicians and listeners, as they all together contribute to the production of what we call “Music”.

Violin, Guitar and Mandolin: three string instruments manufactured by luthiers in Mirecourt workshops

String and bow instruments have been manufactured in Mirecourt since the early 17th Century. The Museum collection of about thirty instruments shows how this production was highly diversified at that time.
The manufacturing processes of three pilot instruments are detailed as are the two historical stages of craftsmanship and industrial manufacture.
Are highlighted also the roles of authors, interpreters and imitators, as well as the passing-on of know-how.
In fact, some luthiers (stringed instrument makers) have always worked closely with musicians to adapt the instruments to their needs. Several historical examples of such collaboration are displayed.

For professional musicians and amateurs, and for playing sophisticated or popular music

The development and growth of industrial stringed instrument making business in the 19th Century made instruments available to a large public at affordable prices. The manufacture of study instruments is a good example of that, as musical practice at a young age had become very popular at that time.

Across history, some music composers wrote pieces of different styles specifically dedicated to string instruments. The Museum tells the story of such composers and instrumentalists to show the close ties between stringed instrument making and music activities.

Current events

The Museum must be a lively place, informing and reporting about current events in the musical community (diplomas, competitions, exhibitions, etc), or displaying new acquisitions of the Museum or “pictorial productions” of our friends musicians. In this way, we can maintain a permanent and efficient link between the City of Mirecourt, the Museum and our beloved visitors.

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