Current Exhibition

A Stroll around Mirecourt Country

A Stroll mixing history, heritage, know-how, music and pleasure.
The purpose of our new exhibition "A Stroll around Mirecourt Country" is two-fold: to highlight the great diversity of the Museum's collections on the one hand, and to explain the importance of the instrument manufacturing business for Mirecourt Country on the other hand. The pieces shown in the exhibition are all taken from the collections of the Mirecourt Museum.

Like the 'Operatic' family visiting Mirecourt Country on a hot summer day, every one can discover this "theme-focused village" according to his wishes and likings, wandering from streets to places, meeting stringed instrument and bow makers, makers of accessories, workmen, craftsmen, musicians, merchants and creators… Several media are included in the layout for greater entertainment: • Audio comments or testimonials about the museum pieces in the show
• Short films made by Baptiste Buob to illustrate the stories about "The role of transmission and trades", "The Street of Workshops", "The Place of the Musicians", and "The Place of the Pleasures"
• Sound creation "Stroll around Mirecourt" by Yvain von Stebut "to be tasted" on the Place of the Pleasures
• Two interactive modules, "Alley of Heritage" and "Esplanade of Merchants", are intended to provide deeper knowledge about the Museum and the business of musical instruments.
• The 'tactile bench' of the "The Street of Workshops" and the module devoted to the raw materials "Course on Materials" allow to feel what stringed instrument making is all about
• Some instruments are provided for visitors to try and play on the "Place of Musicians"
• No strolls without ballades: a selection of sung and instrumental ballades is included for your enjoyment in "The Place of Musicians" and "The Street of Instruments".
General Commissioner
Mrs Valérie Klein

Exhibition space and graphic design
Valérie Klein, Anne Sophie Trivin, Emilie Vaquette

Catherine Louis

Graphic Designer:
Pinkdesign Studio

Audio and audio-visual montage and installations :
Emilie Vaquette, Museum of Stringed Instrument Making

Sound creation:
Yvain von Stebut

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