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The collection of instruments comprises 330 objects reflecting instrument production over a three-century period. Instruments with chafed or plucked strings, for their most part, were hand-made by stringed instrument and bow makers established in Mirecourt, or who had been trained in Mirecourt. The Museum has also some stringed instruments made in the large factories established during the period of intense economic development of the town in the nineteenth century. In order to further the knowledge of the conditions of production of such instruments, the Museum has also some important holdings of social and technical items (workshop furniture, raw materials, models, templates and moulds, tools, and work-in-process pieces, spade accessories, silencing devices, etc). Archives of companies (invoice books, labels, catalogues and word plates for printing catalogues, medals, diplomas, etc.) is also part of this collection. The collection of the Museum comprises also some iconographic and old documentary holdings.

Since its creation, the Mirecourt Museum has not ceased to enhance its collection through purchases or gifts, with prestigious and more humble witnesses, presented in regular topic-based exhibitions that highlight the richness of the holdings.

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