Mirecourt International Meetings (Nov.)
"Rencontres Internationales de Mirecourt" (Mirecourt International Meetings)
→ Every year in November,

The spirit of The Meetings by Marianne Piketty
Artistic Director

Imagine a musical event likely to express the rich historic past of Mirecourt, and to make a valuable contribution to the French and larger European musical scene. This is what we had in mind when the "Rencontres Internationales de Mirecourt" was born. Their purpose is to bring together at an annual event, some musicians, stringed instrument makers and bow makers, to honor French music of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and to discover and promote new talents. Two major events are part of this program: the International Violin Competition and a festival, scheduled alternatively from one year to another. Master Classes, Concerts, and Conferences are also scheduled to encourage transmission and sharing.
Nine European artists were invited to the 2015 event. They were in residence in Mirecourt 9-15 November to share, discover, and play the great masterpieces of French music, along with less known works. This event has contributed to the promotion of a rich and diversified repertory often unknown overseas, and to the strengthening of the bonds between Mirecourt and European artists and stringed instrument makers.

The meaning of The Meetings by Martine Jung
President of "JM France de Mirecourt"

It sounds obvious to say that there is no other place than Mirecourt, as the birthplace of French stringed instrument making, where unique synergies can develop, with chafed instruments as the common thread.
This year, internationally recognized musicians, in collaboration with the School of music and the stringed instrument making apprentices will give us the opportunity to discover some jewels of French repertory.
"Rencontres Internationales de Mirecourt" is an event intended to promote rare moments of complicity and unique opportunities for experiences and mutual enrichment, as well as to contribute to the influence of Mirecourt as a unique place through the generations and in the world.

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